Open Course – Marine Environmental Awareness

The Marine Environmental Awareness Course (MEAC) is a two-day course in which seafarers are interactively involved in the subject of sustainable shipping. The course focuses on the human element and forms a concrete basis for knowledge and awareness needed for the prevention of pollution at sea, as prescribed in the STCW-Code, and makes them aware of how they can personally contribute to sustainability in the maritime industry. Furthermore, course participation as shown by the course certificate, demonstrates transparency, strengthens the human factor and shows a pro-active approach to risk management and sustainability at sea. This can be an advantage in the maritime market and has been a selling point for clients.

Many regulations, technical installations and operational procedures are designed to minimize the effects of shipping on the marine environment. Strengthening the competence of maritime personnel completes and amplifies the effectivity of these measures.

The open course offers the opportunity to get familiar with the course, to estimate the value of the course for your company, and of course, to learn a lot. This course is based on the IMO Model Course (MC 1.38), developed by ProSea, which sets the international standard for Marine Environmental Awareness training.

Our next ‘open courses’ about Marine Environmental Awareness will be organised on the following (optional) dates:

– Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June 2017

This course is the IMO model course 1.38 and has been developed by ProSea.

Target audience: Sea staff and shore staff of maritime businesses who wish to:

  • work on their environmental performance by investing in the human element
  • examine how economic and ecological sustainability can be complementary
  • invest in environmental awareness training as part of the implementation of an Environmental Management System (such as ISO 14001)

For more information about the course, see our brochure. For registration, please contact us. Please include your name, the name of the company, your contact details, and possible specific interests. Deadline for subscription is three weeks before the date of the course.