ProSea provides courses on sustainable fishing. 

We focus on fishing schools, fishing companies and combined groups of fishers and fish traders.

Being a fisher is different compared to 10 or 20 years ago. The job has changed due to increasing costs, more regulations, farmed fish products on the market and a higher demand for responsible and sustainable fish products. In addition, the ocean is used for more than fishing alone, so fishing grounds are under pressure. To play a role in the sustainable development of the fishing industry, fishers require new skills and knowledge and therefore training in sustainable fisheries.

Our training programs focus on the human element and forms a concrete basis for marine awareness that is needed to take your personal responsibility in the transition towards a sustainable fisheries sector. The content of the sustainable fishing courses include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Marine ecology;
  • Environmental impacts of fishing:
  • Fisheries management
  • Fish supply chain and market;
  • The reputation of fishing (social acceptance);
  • Communication skills;
  • Solutions, responsibilities and personal involvement.

ProSea Sustainable Fishing Courses

ProSea provides four types of courses:

  • The 4-day Fishing with a future course.
  • Tailor-made sustainable fisheries courses that are developed on the needs of the client and specified to the activities of the students or personnel.
  • Course on Cooperation in a sustainable fish supply chain for fishers and traders who want to increase cooperation in a sustainable fish supply chain.
  • Future leaders’ course for fishers and traders who have the ambition to become the future leaders in a sustainable fishing industry.

We provide these courses since 2004 to all fishing schools in the Netherlands and more recent to fishing companies, such as W. Van der Zwan & Zn Bv. The course is part of the Dutch fishing school curriculum. In 2018 the Fishing with a Future Course made its international debut in Belgium.

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Fisher hauling in the net
FIshing with a future course 2018

Knowledge platform

Prosea was commissioned by the  Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (now Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) to develop a knowledge platform for the Dutch Fishing industry. The knowledge platform, ‘Vist ik het maar’ (translated as ‘I fish I knew’), is now owned by the Dutch fishing industry. They hired ProSea to take care of the daily management and continuous development. This platform contains knowledge on topical themes in the fishing industry and all educational materials for the Dutch fishery schools.


Catching the potential

In this EU-project ProSea is leading a consortium of 10 partners that bring together expertise on sustainability training, fishing sector knowledge, and education and training expertise. Catching the potential’s ultimate goal is to develop a European / international standard for sustainable fisheries training. Learn more about Catching The Potential.