ProSea provides Courses on marine environmental awareness.

We focus on maritime academies and shipping companies.

The shipping industry is transitioning to become more sustainable due to more regulations, increasing pressure from the market and a growing concern in our society about environmental issues. As a results, jobs in the shipping industry have changed. To play a role in the sustainable development of the shipping industry, maritime professionals require new skills and knowledge and therefore training in sustainable shipping.

Our training programs focus on the human element and forms a concrete basis for marine awareness that is needed to take your personal responsibility in the transition towards a sustainable maritime sector. The content of the courses include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Marine ecology;
  • Discharges to the ocean (e.g. oil, chemicals, marine litter);
  • Emissions to air (e.g greenhouse gasses);
  • Invasive species (e.g. ballast water, hull fouling);
  • The reputation of shipping (social acceptance);
  • Solutions, responsibilities and personal involvement.

Prosea Marine environmental courses

ProSea provides three types of courses:

  • IMO model course Marine Environmental Awareness (MC 1.38). Since January 2017 this course is a mandatory part of the curriculum of maritime academies worldwide.
  • Tailor-made Marine Environmental Awareness Course that is developed on the needs of the client and specified to the activities of the students or personnel.
  • Train the trainer program, in which trainers or teachers learn how to teach marine environmental awareness courses following the ProSea educational approach.

We provide these courses since 1999 to maritime academies and shipping companies in the Netherlands, for instance to STC Group and Port of Rotterdam, and internationally, for instance in Greece, the Philippines and Kuwait.

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ProSea providing MEAC to maritime students